Humanity is a Virus

"Humanity is a virus." - almost Agent Smith
Cultures are born, spread, wane and die. Virus' are the same. Cultures thereforce have some of the same properties as virus' For a culture to be successful, the number of people-groups adopting the culture must be greater than the number of people groups abandoning the culture. If a culture belongs to exactly one people group it is fragile. Successful cultures spread.

Here's where it gets meta: Successful cultures influence the people group to encourage their spread:

  • The British tried to enforce imperial rule on the world during colonial times.
  • The US tried to enforce democracy on the world in modern times.
  • Why? Because in order for the culture to reach the level of "controlling a nation" it had already evolved to be able to successfully "infect" many many people groups, and it was "trying" to infecting more.

    So there we have it. Humans may not be a virus, but perhaps humanity is.