The Perception of Time

Time seems to bend and shift. When you're doing something you enjoy, time passes at a frantic rate. But when you are doing something you don't enjoy, it seems to take forever.

But there is another side to time. Even with perceptual shifts due to stress etc. we still only see a fraction of what is visible.

What if we saw everything thousands of times faster. If we could see the wings of a fly beat, or perhaps more usefully, see and process things faster giving us better reaction times in emergencies.

But to me, the really interesting thing is what happens over long periods of time. The use of timelapses allow us to watch whole days in a few minutes, and some even the growth of a plant over a few months. Even with a cheap android cellphone you can create fairly good timelapses. I made a small one yesterday in a couple hours:

But what if we take things into the mega scale? Could we set up a camera and watch the spread of a city over a hundred years? Could we do the same with forests? How about watching a mountain grow over thousands of years. We now have the technology to do so, but people dislike doing things that extend beyond their life-span.