Neon Ball

Neon ball is a game made by sdfgeoff over a weekend. The concept came on a Friday evening, and the mechanics was done by the end of the weekend. I then spent a week trying to make levels before giving up and declaring it done.

On modern blender versions it tends to segfault on level changes. It was originally built on blender 2.69, where it doesn't segfault. I plan to make runtime of it soon, but for now it is only available in blend form.


The blend files (for blender 2.69) can be downloaded in a zip file. I also plan to make a linux and windows executable at some point for those who don't have blender installed.


Makeing levels is easy, simply put a blend into the levels folder and the player will spawn at the origin. You can link in models from the assets folder to make levels really fast.

Additional Notes