Then vs Now - The Result

In my post "Then vs Now" I mused over how I didn't used to care how things turned out, and as a result I just, well, did things. And at the end I said I'd head out to the workshop and build something. Well I did, but my opinion has changed.

I made some small pendant findings. They're from Kwila with some crushed stone inlay. Each one took a couple hours, and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. One had inlay the whole way though, the other the inlay is only on one side.

But at the end I was unsatisfied - not with the result though there are definitely things I could have done better, but I was unsatisfied because I put them into a drawer with other jewellery findings I've made of the years. There are things in there that reach back probably around a decade.

So I think that these days, as well as caring more about how things turn out, I also care about what happens next. I want the things I made to be useful and to be used by people. I'm sure someone will say "you could sell them", and yeah, maybe. But currently the things I make are for friends and as gifts and I have very little interest (at the moment) in turning jewellery manufacture into a business.

But that was another point brought up in the previous post - that not everything has to be for commercial reason. Some things are just worth doing. And I guess I don't 100% agree with that any more. Things have to have a point to be worth doing. Even if that point is to entertain you for an evening, or to make people laugh. It comes down to meaning - lifes oldest mystery.