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Rondell Dagger - 2023-12-18

I did some HEMA this year, and one of the guys commissioned me to make a rondel dagger. So over about 10 hours split over two weekends, this is what I made.

Seax-like knife - 2023-04-03

I made yet another knife. This one is inspired by the Seax, though it's probably not historically accurate.


LED Bike lights - 2022-07-09

These days I bike 14km each way to work. This happens morning and evening when the sun is low and the light confusing. After a near miss, I decided to do something about it - to mount some really really bright lights on my bike.

Diral-Seii - 2022-07-09

I was reading a webcomic the other day and it featured a very interesting item: it was a folding knife carved from bone on a string of hair. This fascinates me because string from hair w...

Elvish Penannular Brooch - 2022-02-27

I'm planning for a hike with some friends in which we all wear cloaks. Because, well, why not! As such, I'm busy manufacturing penannular brooches for us to use.

Drill Bit Knife - 2022-02-06

The other day one of my friends was over to do some stuff in the workshop. Unfortunately he broke one of my 6mm drill bits when it caught in the metal he was drilling and pulled the cordless drill out of line (yes, a drill press is on m...

Beach Land-Sailing - 2022-01-31

Way back I saw an instructable of a guy who mounted a windsurfer sail onto a skateboard and rode it down the beach. At the time I didn't have the ability to purchase either a windsurfer or a mountain-board, so the project dissapeared t...


Another knife - 2021-06-01

The other days, one of my good friends asked me what made a good knife for hiking. I can't remember exactly what I said, but over the following weekend I made him a copy of the knife I use (both everyday and when hiking).

Then vs Now - The Result - 2021-04-21

In my post "Then vs Now" I mused over how I didn't used to care how things turned out, and as a result I just, well, did things. And at the end I said I'd head out to the workshop and build something. Well I did, but my opinion has ...

A kitchen knife for a friend - 2021-02-10

A couple weeks back I mentioned to a friend of mine that I made knives as a hobby. Of course his question was "Can you make me one?" to which I answered "Yup". This is the result:


Sgian Dubh (and another small knife) - 2020-11-11

What on earth is a sgian dubh? It's a knife that the scottish used to wear in their socks. It was used for small food preparation tasks and general use. Well, I was living in a van for a couple months and was looking for something to d...

A Wooden Chest - 2020-05-30

I was moving from from one city to another, and needed something to store all my stuff in. I've always wanted a wooden chest, so it was the perfect time to make it happen.


Etched Keytag - 2016-07-23

I've been wanting to make myself a science-fiction looking keytag for a while now, and finally got around to actually doing it.

Pendant - 2016-02-20

Recenty it was my mothers birthday, and I decided to go for some hand-made jewellery. I quite enjoy the change of pace from engineering. Instead of building something functional for low cost and low effort, instead, you build something...