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Rendering a Billion Stars? - 2023-10-06

Skyboxes have limitations. They have a finite number of pixels. The further you zoom in, the bigger those pixels get. So what do you do if you're making a space game and want a telescope? Stars should be small both when zoomed in an...


Gametoy: A shadertoy-alike for making games - 2021-07-23

Making games is fun. Well, it's fun when you aren't fighting asset loaders, wondering why Godot renders so slowly on Android and the million other problems that come with game engines. This is why I enjoy making games in shadertoy. It'...

A practical use for hotel infinity - 2021-07-06

You probably know of hotel infinity - a hotel with infinitely many rooms, but also with infinitely many guests. A new guest arrives, how do you fit them in? The solution is to move all the existing guests down by one, so room 0 is empt...

Control of Modular Spacecraft - 2021-05-18

For a game I'm working on I want players (and AI) to be able to control modular spacecraft. By this I mean that I need to go from a desired control input (move forward) to a set of thruster outputs.


Lessons from CaveX16 - 2016-07-16

CaveX16 was a game I worked on for BGMC16, for more details, have a look at the page for it. Some things I did while working on this game were a great idea, and other things I would do differen...