Games and Software


Spotify Bingo Display - 2022-09-17

Some of my friends are hosting a dance party where you have to listen out for words in the songs (bingo style - write down the song name). He wanted a projector to display what song was currently playing.


Gametoy Editor - 2021-10-19

For the past few months I've been working on and off developing an experimental game engine called "GameToy." Instead of normal rendering/logic, GameToy uses GLSL shaders run in a cyclic way to define behaviour.

Gametoy: A shadertoy-alike for making games - 2021-07-23

Making games is fun. Well, it's fun when you aren't fighting asset loaders, wondering why Godot renders so slowly on Android and the million other problems that come with game engines. This is why I enjoy making games in shadertoy. It'...

Swoop - 2021-01-20

For a while I've been wanting to know what happens underneath the hood of a game engine. I've also wanted to learn rust, make a program in WASM, and I had some concept art for a simple racing game. These things all came together to mak...


To The Surface - 2018-05-19

This is a pure exploration game. There is no combat, there are no puzzles. Significant effort went into the sound design and ambiance to try make it interesting but it is an experiment to see if a game where the only achievement is ...


CaveX16 - 2016-07-15

This game was made for a game making competetion where the theme was "Underground." It was made in a week. Pretty much the aim is to mine all the crystal in the map. You can use the crystal and ore to buy more/better mining vehicles.

Simple Six - 2016-02-27

My favourite computer game is Descent, made in 1995. It's still played competitively and I have a lot of fun. I want to share this fun, so I've started working on a Descent-like game, but one that's designed to run in a web-browser.


CaveFly - 2015-10-17

I'm a fan of spaceships and caves, even if it's 2D. Partly inspired by a game called luola, a split-screen multiplayer game, and partly inspired by a game I developed for a 5x7 dot matrix d...


Sky Pilot - 2013-05-02

Sky Pilot is a lunar-lander type game, but in 3D. You have to land gently on the plaftorm before running out of fuel. Nice and simple.
This game was originally made for the Blender Game Making Contest number 7. It led the votin...

Neon Ball - 2013-05-02

Neon ball is a game made by sdfgeoff over a weekend. The concept came on a Friday evening, and the mechanics was done by the end of the weekend. I then spent a week trying to make levels before giving up and declaring it done.