Learning Digital Drawing

As a kid I used to enjoy sketching with a pencil. As I went through school and university, I did less and less art, though I still did doodle dragons occasionally. As part of university, I bought a laptop with an active stylus so that I could take notes with handwriting. Now I use that stylus for digital art, which I enjoy as a change of pace from programming. Many thanks to the guys who run "Daily Spitpaint" on facebook that keeps me inspired with new topics to draw about, and to Bob Ross for being awesome.

This page has oldest at the top, and is so that I can see how I have improved over time.


I bought a graphics tablet my adventures into digital painting began.


I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, so I could now draw on the screen! But I struggled to find an art program with a workflow that I liked. I settled on Artflow, which does well enough.


In this year I bought a Lenovo Yoga, so I could now do art with a program I knew (ie gimp). It didn't help anything as the limit was me.


In 2016 I discovered spit-paints (half an hour drawings on a set topic), but I didn't do many of them.


Some of my friends introduced me to Bob Ross, I started doing spitpaints more often, and I learned how to look at lighting.