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Random art scraps - 2022-07-09

As per title

Metal Dragon - 2022-02-05

It's been a while since I've done any 3D/CGI art. It's funny how it goes. First you come up with the idea, then you build the model. Then you slap some textures on, followed by endless repetitions of tweaking shaders, adding dirt and t...

Chaotic Systems Shirt - 2022-01-15

A couple days ago I made this shirt. I put the shirt over my computer screen and drew out the design with a washable marker. Then I painted it by hand using normal spray paint (which I sprayed into a tub) and a paintbrush. It's already ...


Learning Digital Drawing - 2017-05-21

As a kid I used to enjoy sketching with a pencil. As I went through school and university, I did less and less art, though I still did doodle dragons occasionally. As part of university, I bought a laptop with an active stylus so that ...


Gallery #1 - 2016-10-26

This is a collection of many things I have done, drawn, programmed and rendered since I started taking photos and making screenshots. Hover your mouse over an image to find out more, or click on it to get it at a higher resolution.