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Chaotic Systems Shirt - 2022-01-15

A couple days ago I made this shirt. I put the shirt over my computer screen and drew out the design with a washable marker. Then I painted it by hand using normal spray paint (which I sprayed into a tub) and a paintbrush. It's already ...


Learning Digital Drawing - 2017-05-21

As a kid I used to enjoy sketching with a pencil. As I went through school and university, I did less and less art, though I still did doodle dragons occasionally. As part of university, I bought a laptop with an active stylus so that ...


Gallery #1 - 2016-10-26

This is a collection of many things I have done, drawn, programmed and rendered since I started taking photos and making screenshots. Hover your mouse over an image to find out more, or click on it to get it at a higher resolution.