Tag: robotics


Jimnytrak - 2020-07-18

Jimnytrak is a remote controlled tracked vehicle based on the Suzuki Jimny 2019 - but modified to have tank tracks. This version is controlled over wifi, and it's great fun to crawl it around your living room.


Hacksapod - 2016-07-16

A walking robot!. After a discussion with a friend about walking robots, the challenge was laid down to build a walking robot as simply as possible. So I made the hacks-a-pod. Made from sheet aluminium, it uses three servo's to walk. D...

5cm Robot - 2016-05-02

For a bit of a challenge I decided to make a small robot using off-the-shelf parts. The robot was intented to be able to locate and move small objects (such as marbles and dice), and to return with the objects to the starting positi...


Quad Robot - 2015-10-20

I always wanted a walking robot. So I built one! It's made from a bucket load of 9-gram servo's. Good thing they are so cheap. Even though each servo only draws ~150mA, by the time you have 12 of them all together you have a huge 1.8Am...