A kitchen knife for a friend - 2021-02-10

A couple weeks back I mentioned to a friend of mine that I made knives as a hobby. Of course his question was "Can you make me one?" to which I answered "Yup". This is the result:


Sgian Dubh (and another small knife) - 2020-11-11

What on earth is a sgian dubh? It's a knife that the scottish used to wear in their socks. It was used for small food preparation tasks and general use. Well, I was living in a van for a couple months and was looking for something to d...

A Wooden Chest - 2020-05-30

I was moving from from one city to another, and needed something to store all my stuff in. I've always wanted a wooden chest, so it was the perfect time to make it happen.


Etched Keytag - 2016-07-23

I've been wanting to make myself a science-fiction looking keytag for a while now, and finally got around to actually doing it.

Pendant - 2016-02-20

Recenty it was my mothers birthday, and I decided to go for some hand-made jewellery. I quite enjoy the change of pace from engineering. Instead of building something functional for low cost and low effort, instead, you build something...